Monday, July 20, 2009

The Safari and Chicago

Hey Everyone! Chicago was an excellent edition to my safari. I talked to so many awesome people and was given some great advice. I will be posting my Chicago adventures within the next few days. However, I have a few videos from my Chicago experience I'd love to share so check them out! It will be like you were there with me :).

This is a video I filmed after being lost in some random building on my way to a 'networking meet-up' event. No obstacles will stop me from finding the best people to talk to! :)

I filmed this to show you all how many people showed up to the Networking Meet-up. This was an event I found online via KEEP NETWORKING and it will pay off!

Me prior to my adventure at the Chicago Institute of Art. My feelings thus far and a mini-update.

Me and my rain issues... It takes more than water to stop me :).

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