Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey everyone,

As I sat in my room, reflecting on my trip from Chicago, I realized that I had some killer networking advice I’d like to share, related to networking events at a bar or club.

My first evening in Chicago, I wanted something to do so I searched around for various networking events.

Networking piece #1: Actively search for networking events. You would be surprised, especially in this economy, how many job mingling events are being held, many at bars and clubs. is a great place to find events, along with the city’s local ad club, for more industry specific events.
I want to stress that it is important to be open and embrace any networking opportunity you may find, even if it isn’t exactly in your field. You never EVER know who may be there.

The networking event I attended was a very general “business professionals meet up”. I feel general networking events are better than specific ones due to the wide variety of people you have the pleasure of meeting.

Networking piece # 2: Get there on time. I‘m not saying this because people at these events are crazy about punctuality, but because people will be drinking at these events. By the end of the night many individuals will be pretty buzzed and may not remember you the next day. It’s important to get to the event early while everyone is nice and sober and you can make a stable, memorable connection/impression. It doesn’t matter how memorable you are, if an individual is drunk the chances of that person remembering you the next day are slim… unless you’re Cher.

Networking piece # 3: Get a drink and RELAX BEEEOTCH!: It’s very simple, but totally true. So many people I have met at these events are so uptight and nervous, and end up standing in the corner playing with their thumbs like they are at some sort of middle school dance. It’s important to remember that everyone in the room is in the same boat. Also, don’t be afraid to get a drink, especially if everyone else is drinking. Having a casual drink is also a great way to get those conversational juices flowing.

Networking piece 4: Talk to random people: Don’t wait for people to come up to you and talk, be assertive and walk up to others. Remember, that this is a networking event and being forward is not only OK, but expected. The more people you talk to, the more connections you can make.

If you are very uncomfortable with walking up to people and saying “what’s up”, uncomfortable around awkward silence, or just not the best conversationalist, start up a conversation you know you can carry. This can be anything from your favorite show, to politics. Asking someone what they do is also a great way to break the ice.

Networking piece 5: Ask for contact information: A lot of you may be saying “duh” right now, but you have no idea how many times I’ve heard someone sadly utter.” I should have got their contact!”. This is a networking event which means asking for an individuals contact is expected. Don’t be afraid to ask for cards or to pass out your own. Get as many cards you can, in my experience only ½ of the individuals you reach out to the next day will reach back

Networking piece 6: Don’t get drunk: That’s just trashy. Having a few casual drinks is OK, but you don’t want to be the person everyone negatively talks about around the water cooler the next day.

Networking piece 7: Follow up… a few times: As I said before, in my experience only ½ of the individuals you reach out to the next day will reach back. It is important to follow up a few times after the networking event. I’ve sometimes had to email people 4 or 5 times to get a response. A lack of response is usually nothing personal, because people are a lot busier than you imagine them to be.

Networking piece 8: Keep putting yourself out there: So your not the best conversationalist, and networking makes you uncomfortable. Practice makes perfect. The only way you will get better is by putting yourself out there.

This is a picture of some of the cards I received.


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  1. I think this is the best one yet my friend.So much great information and really helps people break their "shell" especially if they're shy and timid in social networking situations.Reading this might remedy that! :)

  2. Does this also work for dating networking stuff?

    btw I never thought about going to a general business or professional event. For some reason I thought it must be more pigeonholed than that. Alex, your mind blowing.