Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Media Woman From Chicago

So I was in Chicago at a thrift store when I ran into someone who works in media for an awesome company. Due to confidentiality agreements, I can’t say where she works but I promise you it is awesome! Here is what this anonymous, but totally awesome, woman had to say about being entry and finding a job:

Spend time on your resume! Don’t list useless skills, tailor your resume to the company in which you are applying, and keep it as straight forward as possible. This woman stressed that she sees a lot of 3 page resumes and that they go instantly in the trash. One page is the cut off.
Look for head hunters/recruiters. This is a great way to find jobs beyond Internet postings. This woman found her media job through a headhunter; If it worked for her it will work for you.

Know your strengths and weaknesses when going into an interview. Understand what you can bring to the company and know how to express that. Interviewers want to know that you understand how your specific skills will help you excel in the position and grow the company.
Thanks for the chat anonymous, but totally awesome woman

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