Thursday, August 13, 2009

The suit and tie debate goes on!

Another cool blurb of advice via the linked in discussion "Wearing a suit and tie to a job interview is not always the right choice. Experience why at the latest post on"

"The role of dress on a job interview is to avoid causing any negatives to your first visual impression. If you know that a suit is going to knock you out of the running, by all means wear something else. So far, I cannot think of a job interview where wearing a suit would offend the interviewer (unless is is for a clothing design job and the suit you are wearing is from a competitive designer.) "

-Stephen Pickens
Product Manager/Brand Manager for Altaquip

You all like? I DO!



  1. While I love the comment, I do disagree. I think that a suite can give off a stogy, almost 'too by the rules' impression at a progressive, new age agency.

  2. I agree about the no suit. When you are going for a job interview the "not offending" bar doesn't really matter ... frankly the second favorite candidate is as screwed as the least favorite when it comes to actually landing that job. Suit = safe and therefore tells me I am going to get safe from you. I usually don't want safe when I'm looking at planners.