Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting LinkedIn, part 2

Hey All,

Posting the Job Safari on LinkedIn has again generated some new advice. Take a look

"professionals...real professionals pursue work with the calm confidence that comes with experience. if you don't have that calm confidence yet, "fake it 'til you make it." a note every 6-8 weeks will keep you in mind without becoming known as a pest. keep it relaxed. just touch base...check in. send the occasional sample of some new work. NURTURE your contacts just like you would a new business prospect. "

-Walter Adamkosky
freelance creative director

The following are comments on the discussion "Wearing a suit and tie to a job interview is not always the right choice...."

"If you do you homework and research the company you're going to interview with, you should have a pretty good idea of how to dress. And yes, in the ad world there's a good chance the suit and tie is not necessary."

-Tom Jeffrey
Partner, Hook

"I presume wearing Suit & tie to a job interview is always right. Although I also feel that what you wear completely depends on the profile you are being interviewed for as well as the industry you want to be part of. But the base line is you should be able to carry whatever you are wearing. "

-Anuj Sharma

Hope you all enjoyed that!


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  1. So true. Especially to the last post. Whatever you're wearing, you gotta rock it. Get a power suit! Or the power bermuda shorts!